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Get Inference



Retrieves an inference from a selected SageMaker model. Consult your model’s metadata within SageMaker for input and output formatting.

Project Compatibility

Windows | Cross-platform


  • ConnectionID - The connection established in Integration Service. Access the drop-down to choose, add or manage connections. This field supports only strings or String variables.
  • File resource - The file resource you want to use, stored in an IResource object.
  • File type - The content type of your file (i.e., application/x-text, application/x-image, text/csv, audio/wav). For more information, visit SageMaker Docs.
  • Select model - The name of the endpoint for the Machine Learning model you want to use. Please note that the model you want to use must be already deployed to production. Visit the SageMaker Docs for more information.

Advanced Options

  • Response - The retrieved inference InvokeEndpoint, stored in a IJsonObject object. To find out more about the IJsonObject type objects, you can read more here: IJsonObject type objects.
  • Description
  • Project Compatibility
  • Configuration

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