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Integration Service Activities
Last updated 2024年4月9日


The following table lists all of the activities that are part of the SmartRecruiters pack:

Table 1.
Create CandidateCreates a candidate record in SmartRecruiters.
Create PositionCreates a position in SmartRecruiters.
Get Candidate DetailsRetrieves the details of a candidate in SmartRecruiters.
Get Candidate StatusRetrieves the status of a candidate in SmartRecruiters.
Get PositionsRetrieve the position detasils of a job in SmartRecruiters.
Get RecordRetrieves a record in SmartRecruiters.
Insert RecordInserts a record in SmartRecruiters.
List All Positions of JobRetrieve all the positions of a job in SmartRecruiters.
List All RecordsLists all records in SmartRecruiters.
Search CandidatesSearches for a particular candidate in SmartRecruiters based on a filter.
Search JobsSearches for a job in SmartRecruiters.

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