Integration Service Activities
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The following table lists the activities included in this package.



Uploads a file to Zendesk.

Creates a group in Zendesk.

Updates a group in Zendesk.

Deletes a record in Zendesk.

Retrieves a record in Zendesk.

Inserts a record in Zendesk.

Lists all the record of an object in Zendesk.

Replaces a record in Zendesk.

Search for a group, a user, a ticket, or an organization.

Search Users

Search users based on email, name, phone number, and other additional criteria.

Search TicketsStart typing the name of the organization to find it in the available dropdown list.

Adds a basic comment to a ticket in Zendesk.

Creates a ticket in Zendesk.

Retrieves the list of all comments on a ticket in Zendesk.

Updates a ticket record in Zendesk.

Creates a user record in Zendesk.

Updates an existing user record in Zendesk.

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