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Add Comment



Uses the Create Ticket - POST API to adds a basic comment to a ticket in Zendesk.

Project compatibility

Windows | Cross-platform


  • ConnectionId - The connection established in Integration Service. Access the drop-down to choose, add or manage connections. This field supports only strings or String variables.
  • Ticket ID - The ID of the ticket. Enter an Int64 or an Int64 variable. To retrieve the corresponding ID, you can use the drop-down menu and select an ID from the list or you can narrow it down by starting a search in the text box. Both ticket ID and subject can be used to search for the ticket in the drop-down menu. In case the value is not available in the drop-down menu, provide the exact ticket ID manually. Also, In case the ticket ID from the response of the Create Ticket activity needs to be used, pass it as <output ticket ID variable>.value.
  • Text - The comment string. Enter a string or a String variable.

Advanced options


  • Uploads - An array of file tokens to attach to the comment. Use the Upload File activity to upload a file and then use the output file token here.
  • Type - Value can be "Comment" or "VoiceComment". Enter a string or a String variable.
  • Author ID - The ID of the comment author. Enter an Int64 or an Int64 variable.
  • Public - This field supports only Boolean variables. Set to True if it is a public comment or set to False if it is an internal note.


  • Ticket comment - The output ticket comment object. This field supports only Tickets_comments variables.
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