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Last updated 2023年12月5日

Update Issue Status



Updates the status of an issue.

Project compatibility

Windows | Cross-platform


  • Connection - The connection established in Integration Service. Access the dropdown menu to choose, add, or manage connections. This field supports only strings or String variables.
  • Issue - The issue you wish to update. Start typing the project name or key to search the list of projects available in the dropdown menu. This field supports only strings or String variables.
  • New status - Transitions depend on the issue key above and don't load if an issue isn't provided. This field supports only strings or String variables.

How it works

The Update Issue Status transitions the status of an issue.

If you want to change the status, you must first select the Issue and then look up the available status options.

The New status look-up menu doesn't load any transitions unless you first select an issue key.

If you want to update the status for different issues, you can use a variable for the Issue field and keep the Status field intact.

Alternatively, you can use the List All Records activity with an Issues Transitions object to find the permissible status of an issue dynamically, during execution.
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