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February 2024

This activity package is now always displayed in the Available section of the Activities panel in UiPath® Studio. Any activity can be installed by a simple drag and drop into the canvas. A cloud versioning model is used. Updates are done automatically, without having to manually update the package through Package Manager​​.

This activity package can be used with UiPath® Studio versions 2023.10 and newer.

Most of the activities available in the previous version of this package have been deprecated. This release includes only seven activities: Compress a PDF, Create a PDF from other format, Export a PDF to other formats, Linearize a PDF, Create a word or PDF document, Download File, and Get Record.

The Scope activity has also been deprecated. You no longer have to drag and drop an activity inside the Adobe PDF Services Scope activity to configure a connection. You can simply add your activity to the workflow and configure the connection using the Connection field.


Release Date: 28 June 2022

What's New

This activities package is designed to work together with the new Integration Service. These activities allow you to execute file download, file upload, and other PDF manipulation operations.

Find out more about the UiPath Integration Service here.

Both design time and run time support the ability to select a connection to use in the Configure Connection Wizard.

The Adobe PDF Services activities package supports .NET6.

  • February 2024
  • v4.0.6
  • What's New

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