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Last updated 2023年11月7日


The following table lists the activities that are included in the Twitter Activities Package.



List All Followers

Lists all users that follow the current user on Twitter.

List All Following

Lists all users that are being followed by the current user on Twitter.

Delete Record

Deletes a record on Twitter.

Get Record

Retrieves a record from Twitter.

Insert Record

Inserts a record into Twitter.

List All Records

Lists all the records of an object in Twitter.

List All User Tweets

Lists all the tweets of a user in Twitter.

Retweet Tweet

Causes the user to retweet the target tweet.

Search Tweets

The recent search endpoint returns tweets from the last seven days that match a search query.

Send Tweet

Sends a tweet using Twitter.

Get User by Username

Retrieves any user information using the Twitter username.

List All User Mentions

Returns the most recent ten tweets per request. Up to 800 tweets can be retrieved in Twitter using pagination.

List All Users that Liked

Lists all users that liked a tweet on Twitter.

List All Users that Retweeted

Lists all user the retweeted a tweet on Twitter.

Invoke Operation

Invokes a Twitter operation.

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