Process Mining
Process Mining
Last updated 2024年5月28日

Getting started with TemplateOne


TemplateOne is a fully customizable, flexible and re-useable starting point to develop custom Process Mining dashboards and KPIs based on client needs. Similar to AppOne, TemplateOne provides a set of out-of-the-box dashboards. See TemplateOne menus and dashboards.

Getting started

TemplateOne is more customizable compared to AppOne and is the starting point of customization into something more process-specific, for example, a discovery accelerator. It offers the flexibility to add process-specific dashboards, metrics, and KPI's.



Steps to roll out a customized version of TemplateOne

Deploying TemplateOne

Adding business data to TemplateOne

Loading data in TemplateOne

Customizing TemplateOne

  • Introduction
  • Getting started

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