Process Mining
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Process Mining
Last updated 2024年4月2日

Analyzing data in AppOne

Below is a list of questions that you may want to answer when analyzing your process data, and the relevant dashboard in AppOne where you can find the answer.



Does the data look as is expected?

Are there any unexpected issues in the process that should be analyzed further in the application?

What is the automation potential of an activity?

What is the percentage of automated events for each activity?

How many cases have we handled?

Which type of cases occur the most?

Are the open/close activities configured properly?

What does the overall process look like?

Which activities are performed?

Which activities are performed for which cases?

Which activities in the process occur more often than expected?

What is the average repetition of the activities?

How do two processes compare?

How long does the process take?

What are the average throughput times/processing times/costs?

Which activities take the most time?

Which users take the most time to execute?

Is the “Payment deadline” being met on time?

What is the history of the costs involved with payment of invoices?

What are the costs involved in meeting or not meeting our due date?

How many days per case is the payment of invoices overdue?

What is the history of payment of invoices on time and late?

Which tags occur?

In which cases do tags occur?

Who has violated the four eyes principle?

In which cases is the four eyes principle violated?

Who performs which activities?

Who is involved in which cases?

Which users interact with each other?

What are the cases within a selected period?

What are the events within a selected period?

What are the tags and their attributes?

What are the time and amount details of a selected due date?

What are the details of a selected case?

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