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Einrichten von LDAP


This page describes how to set up LDAP to give Superadmin users and end users access to UiPath Process Mining. To enable LDAP for UiPath Process Mining you must specify the ldap object in the ExternalAuthenticationProviders setting the Server Settings.



LDAP for UiPath Process Mining is only supported with Microsoft Active Directory.

Configure LDAP settings

Go to the Settings tab of the Superadmin page of your UiPath Process Mining installation. See illustration below.


Add the required LDAP settings in the ExternalAuthenticationProviders setting of the Server Settings for the ldap object. Below is a description of the JSON keys of the ldap object:

urlThe LDAP url domain controller in the domain you want to use. This url needs to be accessible from the UiPath Process Mining server. Use the format: ldap://dc.company.domain.com.
baseThe LDAP base distinguished name to authenticate users under. Use the format: DC=Company,DC=com. The exact name depends on the setup of the AD.
bindDNThe username of the AD user that is used to bind to the AD. This user should have the rights to query user groups for users that are allowed to login.
Note: this user might need to be prefixed with the domain name, for instance: DOMAINNAME\\username. The double backslashes are needed to act as an escape character. Alternatively, you can use your DC as a postfix, for instance: [email protected]E.local.
bindCredentialsThe password of the user specified in bindDN.
See also Use a Credential Store.
search_queryEnables you to specify whether users can login with a different attribute than userPrincipalName.
tlsOptionsEnables you to specify additional options for use with LDAPS.
ca: used to specify the certificate which should be used.
rejectUnauthorized : set this to true.

See also Set up Secure LDAP.

See below for an example.

"ExternalAuthenticationProviders" {
    "ldap": {
            "url":             "ldap://ldapserver",
            "base":            "DC=company,DC=local",
            "bindDN":          "username",
            "bindCredentials": "password",

Click on SAVE to save the LDAP settings.
Press F5 to refresh the Superadmin page. This loads the new settings and enables users groups to be created based on these settings.

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Einrichten von LDAP

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