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Last updated Jul 18, 2024

Create New Incident



Create a new incident.

Project compatibility

Windows | Cross-platform


  • Connection - The connection established in Integration Service. Access the dropdown menu to choose, add, or manage connections. This field supports String type input.
Advanced options
  • Caller ID - The caller's ID. A list of IDs is available in the dropdown menu. This field supports String type input.
  • Urgency - The level of urgency. Options available in the dropdown menu are: High - 1, Medium - 2, Low - 3. This field supports String type input.
  • Short description - A short description of the incident. This field supports String type input.
  • Opened at - The date and time at which the incident is opened. Use the calendar widget to set the date and time. This field supports DateTimeOffset variables. By default, the date-time values that UiPath passes to ServiceNow are converted to UTC based on the user's time zone. As a result, the ServiceNow application will have a time reflective of the user's time zone. If you LIST the record by ID, the Opened At field will be the same that was passed in the Create New Incident activity.
  • Incident ID - The ID of the new incident. This field supports String type input.


    ServiceNow is a Dynamic API, meaning that custom tables and fields can be added and standard tables and fields can be removed and/or renamed. Any curation done on these APIs, therefore, will only work with standard implementations of ServiceNow. If, for instance, you've changed the incident table name and altered the fields in terms of names and/or added new required fields, you'll need to use the generic activities (Get Record, List All Records, Insert Record, Update Record, Delete Record) to interact successfully with your instance of ServiceNow.

    Reach out to your ServiceNow administrator to determine what's necessary to interact with the resources for your use case.

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