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Integration Service Activities
Last updated Apr 23, 2024


The following table lists all the activities that are part of the Greenhouse activities package:
Reject ApplicationRejects an application. Only applications in the active state can be rejected.
Advance ApplicationMove given application to the next stage.
Create CandidateCreates a new candidate in the Greenhouse system.
Update CandidateCreates a new candidate in the Greenhouse system.
Get CandidateRetrieves candidate details from Greenhouse.
Insert RecordInserts a record in Greenhouse.
Get RecordRetrieves a record from Greenhouse.
List All RecordsLists all records in Greenhouse.
Delete RecordDeletes a record in Greenhouse.
Update RecordUpdate a record in Greenhouse.
Application CreatedTriggers when an application is created in Greenhouse.
Application UpdatedTriggers when an application is updated in Greenhouse.
Job CreatedTriggers when a job is created in Greenhouse.
Job UpdatedTriggers when a job is updated in Greenhouse.
Record CreatedTriggers when a record is created in Greenhouse.
Record UpdatedTriggers when a record is updated in Greenhouse.

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