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Integration Service Activities
Last updated May 22, 2024

About HTTP Webhook

The UiPath HTTP Webhook connector gives you the capability to trigger workflows directly from vendor applications, allowing you to filter on the payloads. You can create instant triggers for application events on existing connectors or any third-party applications not available in the Integration Service connector catalog. Using event filters, you can clearly define the parameters under which a webhook event should be triggered. This reduces the total number of API calls by removing the need for polling.

How it works

The Webhook Event Happened trigger activity exposes a public URL that can be copied directly into your vendor's webhook configuration. Any time an event is detected within the vendor's application, it will notify Integration Service by sending an event to the configured URL. When there's a match to your filter, Integration Service triggers the execution through Orchestrator. These incoming data payloads are treated just like any other triggers.

For more information, see Using the Webhook connector.

  • How it works

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