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Allows you to submit text that you wish to be rewritten according to a new style guidelines. It's designed to facilitate seamless transformation of the original text, making sure the core message remains intact while adapting to the new stylistic requirements.

Project compatibility

Windows | Cross-platform


  • Connection ID - The connection established in Integration Service. Access the drop-down menu to choose, add, or manage connections.

  • Model name - The generative AI model or ID to use. This activity defaults to the model with the highest quality observed output. However, you can select a different model based on desired outputs and testing. Switching models can impact the output.
  • Content to be rewritten - Enter the text content you want to be rewritten. This field supports String type input.
  • Rewrite instructions - Style guidelines for rewrite. This should be concise and focus on things like tone, audience, purpose, etc. This field supports String type input.
Manage Properties

Use the Manage Properties wizard to configure or use any of the object's standard or custom fields. You can select fields to add them to the activity canvas. The added standard or custom fields are available in the Properties panel (in Studio Desktop) or under Show additional properties (in Studio Web).

Additional properties
  • Total words - The total count of words in the output text. This field supports Int64 type input.
  • Example - A sample of the content to illustrate the expected output. This field supports String type input.
  • Creativity - Determines the level of creativity applied to the output. A value of 0 indicates minimal creativity, sticking closely to the original content, while a value of 1 encourages maximum creativity, introducing more novel phrasings. Adjust this setting based on how closely you want the output to adhere to the input.
  • Detect language for output - Detect the language input and either return the summary in the same language or a different language. Default value is True. Boolean value.
    • Output language - The language preference for the output, if not the same as input. Select a language from the available drop-down list. This field is displayed if Detect language for output is set to False.
  • Rewritten content - The final rewritten version of the original content. Automatically generated output variable.
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  • Project compatibility
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