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Integration Service Activities
Last updated Apr 23, 2024

Convert Currency


Convert a specified amount from one currency to an exchange currency.

Project Compatibility



  • Connection - The connection established in Integration Service. Access the drop-down to choose, add or manage connections.
  • From - The three-letter currency code of the currency you would like to convert from.
  • To - The three-lettercurrecny code of the currency you would like to convert to.
  • Amount - The amount to be converted.
  • Date - Specify a date to use historical rates for this conversion.

Manage Properties Wizard

The Manage Properties Wizard can be used to configure or use any of the object’s standard or custom fields by selecting and adding them to the activity canvas. The added standard/custom fields are available in the Properties panel (in Studio Desktop) or under Additional options (in Studio Web).



  • Currency conversion - The currency conversion object.
  • Conversion amount - The converted amount.
  • Conversion rate - The conversion rate.

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