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Last updated Jul 18, 2024

How to List Webinar Registrants


The purpose of this quickstart guide is to help you create a short workflow that uses some GoToWebinar activities, such as List all webinars and List all webinar registrants, as well as For Each and Write Line activities. It enables you to quickly verify the connection to your GoToWebinar instance and get familiar with the activities' input and output datatypes.

This workflow is built in Studio Web, but you can follow the same steps in Studio Desktop.

After completing the steps in this guide, you'll have an automation sequence that does the following:

  1. Establishes a connection to your GoToWebinar instance.
  2. Lists all webinars that meet a specified condition.
  3. Lists all the registrants for the selected webinars.
  4. Writes the registrants' email addresses in the output.


Before you begin:

  1. Establish your GoToWebinar connection in Automation Cloud – Integration Service, as described in GoToWebinar Authentication.
  2. Open Studio Web and create a New project. You can now start building your automation.


  1. Add the List All Webinars activity to your workflow.
  2. Add a Where clause, to filter the webinars according to your needs. Let's say you are interested in webinars scheduled between June 12th and December 16th:

  3. Click Show additional options to display the Output List property.
  4. In List, click the Plus docs image button and select Save as variable, then create an AllWebinars variable. This stores the activity's response, i.e., the list of webinars which meet your condition.
  5. Add a For Each activity to loop through all of the webinars returned by the List all webinars activity.

    1. In List of items, add the AllWebinars variable.
    2. In Item, which represents the iterator variable, type: currentWebinars.
  6. In the body of the For Each activity, add a Write Line activity.

    1. In Text, create and enter a variable, for example, currentWebinars.WebinarKey

      This displays in the output a list of the webinar keys for webinars which meet the Where clause.

  7. Next, from the Write Line activity, add a List all webinar registrants activity to retrieve all the registrants for the selected webinars.

    1. In the WebinarKey field, add the currentWebinars.WebinarKey variable.
    2. In the Output Registrants field, create and enter a new variable, for example, AllRegistrants, to store the response of this activity (the list of registrants).

  8. Next, use another For Each activity to loop over every registrant stored in the AllRegistrants variable.
    1. In List of items, select your AllRegistrants variable.
    2. In Item, type: currentWebinars_registrants
  9. In the For Each body, add a Write Line activity to display all the registrants' email addresses in the output.

    1. In the Text field, create and enter a variable, for example, currentWebinars_registrants.Email.

      This displays in the output a list of all the registrants' emails.

You're done! You can now run your automation.

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