Integration Service Activities
Last updated Jul 18, 2024


The following table lists the activities included in this package.



Insert RecordInserts a record in Snowflake.
Delete RecordDeletes a record from Snowflake.
Get RecordRetrieves a record from Snowflake.
List All RecordsLists all records in Snowflake.
Update RecordUpdates a record in Snowflake.
Native searchPosts a query to be executed on Snowflake.
Execute Select QueryExecutes a select query on a Snowflake warehouse and returns the query result.
Execute Non Select and Asynchronous QueryExecutes both non select and asynchronous query on a Snowflake warehouse and in case of asynchronous query, retrieves status with Get Query Execution Status followed by Get Query Execution Results if execution is successful.
Get Query Execution ResultsGet the query execution results from Snowflake warehouse.
Get Asynchronous Query Execution StatusRetrieve the execution status of an asynchronous query.

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