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Last updated Jul 18, 2024

Insert Record


Inserts a record in GoToWebinar.

To learn which activity is best suited for creating a webinar, see the FAQ section below.

Project Compatibility



  • Connection - The connection established in Integration Service. Access the drop-down to choose, add or manage connections.
  • Select object - Select an object to use with this activity. Depending on the object chosen in this field, the activity is populated with property fields specific to that object.

FAQ: Which activity to use for creating a webinar

You can use one of the following three activities for creating a webinar:

  • Create single session webinar
  • Quick create webinar
  • Insert Record

For creating a webinar that is scheduled to be held once, use the Create single session webinar activity.

Quick create webinar requires you to build a webinar on top of a collection. Note that this can be somewhat difficult to implement. For a better experience, use Create single session webinar.

Use Insert Record for Webinar object to create webinars of different types. For example, the types can be sequence and series, as well on top of a single session webinar. If you wish to create a specific type of webinar, use Insert Record.

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