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Last updated Feb 28, 2024

Summarize Large PDF Document using Anthropic

Summarize Large PDF Document using Anthropic

Applications: OneDrive/Sharepoint, Document Understanding, Anthropic Claude, Outlook

Description: Summarize a large document (up to 300 pages) via a single request to Anthropic Claude.


  1. Open Studio Web and create a new project. For this example, we use the Manual option in the How to start the automation field.
    Note: You can also use a trigger that detects a new file created on OneDrive of a specified size and automatically triggers the creation of the summary. To do so, in the How to start the automation field, you can also select Event based. You are presented with a window that enables you to search for the trigger you want to start the automation with. Navigate to OneDrive > File Created.
  2. Drag a OneDrive/Sharepoint Download File activity to store the file in memory so that the workflow can reference it in future steps.
    docs image
    Note: this could also include a For Each File/Folder activity to cycle through multiple files in a file storage location.
  3. Next, add a Document Understanding: Extract PDF Text activity to your canvas.

    docs image
    1. Make sure that the input includes the locally stored downloaded file variable from the previous Download File activity. (
      Note: If the file isn't already in PDF format, you can configure the Download File activity to convert it to PDF format.
  4. Next, use an Anthropic Claude: Get Text Completion activity.
    docs image
    1. This is a highly configurable activity that puts the power in your hands to tell the model exactly what you want it to return. Using natural language, define the way you want the model to summarize, additional context you want it to take into consideration and the actual text you want it to summarize. Iterating through different prompts to ultimately get to the output that you're satisfied with is an excellent approach. Note that you can easily feed variables from prior activities to this activity by using the text builder. See an example below:
      docs image
    2. Finally, use an Outlook: Send Email activity to send the output summary from Anthropic. You could replace this with any activity that outputs the summary in a format you prefer.

    docs image
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