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Integration Service Activities
Last updated Feb 28, 2024


The following table lists the activities that are included in this package.



Creates a new folder.

Cancels a sign request.

Downloads a specific file to a local file path.

Gets the full file object for a given file.

Deletes a file.

Retrieves the items that match your search parameters.

Resends a sign request.

Copies a file to a different folder.

Copies a folder to a new parent folder.

Uploads a file to Box from a local file path to a specific folder.

Deletes a folder with the option to do so recursively.

Creates a sign request.

Deletes a record in Box.

Retrieves a record in Box.

Inserts a record in Box.

Lists all the records in Box.

List RecordsLists a page of records in Box.
Update RecordUpdates a record in Box.
Upsert RecordReplaces a record in Box.
Get Folder ItemsRetrieve the folders and files stored in the specified folder (Folder ID).
Get Folder InfoRetrieve specific file information from a specified folder (Folder Id).
Get VersionsGet a different version of a file.
Delete Old VersionDelete a version of a file.
Upload File VersionUpload a version of a file.
Invoke MethodInvokes a Box API method.
Box ScopeManages the connection to a specified Box instance and provides a scope for all subsequent Box activities.
Get Sign RequestPull active sign request (non-deleted) details.

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