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Last updated Jul 18, 2024

Get Employee


Retrieves the record associated to an employee.

Project compatibility

Windows | Cross-platform


  • Connection ID - The connection established in Integration Service. Access the drop-down menu to choose, add, or manage connections.

  • Employee ID - Select the employee from the drop-down list or pass a custom employee ID. You can also retrieve the ID from the output of an event trigger or the Create Employee activity.
Manage Properties

Use the Manage Properties wizard to configure or use any of the object's standard or custom fields. You can select fields to add them to the activity canvas. The added standard or custom fields are available in the Properties panel (in Studio Desktop) or under Show additional properties (in Studio Web).

Additional properties
  • Fields - The fields to be returned for the employee. Provide them in a comma-separated format. Use List all records > Meta Fields for the official field names, where alias is a field name that contains the exact field names of all the available queryable properties (e.g., firstName,lastName) that can be used as input here
  • Get employee - Automatically generated output variable.
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  • Project compatibility
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