Integration Service Activities
Last updated Jul 18, 2024


The following table lists the activities included in this package.



Create an account in Salesforce.

Update an account in Salesforce.

Create a contact in Salesforce.

Update a contact in Salesforce.

Create a lead in Salesforce.

Update a lead in Salesforce.

Create an opportunity in Salesforce.

Download File

Download a file in Salesforce.

Insert a new record.

Updates an existing record.

Deletes a record.

Retrieves a record.

Lists all the records in Salesforce.

Upload FileUpload a file to Salesforce.
Search recordsSearch for one or more records of a standard or custom Salesforce object such as Lead, Opportunity etc.. using filters.
Get OpportunityRetrieve the information of an opportunity from Salesforce.
Get LeadRetrieve the information of a lead from Salesforce.
Get ContactRetrieve the information of a contact from Salesforce.
Get AccountRetrieves the information of an account from Salesforce.
Add File to RecordAdd an uploaded file to a record in Salesforce.
Create records asynchronously in bulk for a Salesforce object by providing a CSV file.
Retrieve the status, processed records information of a bulk upload or bulk download/query job by providing the job ID.
Start or abort a bulk upload or bulk download/query job by providing the job ID.
Download all the records of a bulk SOQL job by providing a job ID.
Download all the unprocessed records of a bulk upload job by providing a Job ID.
Execute an SOQL query asynchronously to retrieve a CSV file of records.
Search records in Salesforce using a string by executing an SOSL parameterized search.
Retrieve all the field names of an object. These can be used as column headers in the CSV file of the Create Bulk Upload Job activity.

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