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Last updated Jul 18, 2024

Update Basic Individual Vendor



Updates a basic individual vendor without address book details.

Project Compatibility

Windows | Cross-platform


  • Connection - The connection established in Integration Service. Access the dropdown menu to choose, add, or manage connections.
  • Vendor ID - The unique identifier of the vendor.
  • First Name - The first name of the vendor.
  • Last Name - The last name of the vendor.
  • Salutation - The title of the vendor, such as Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., Rev., etc..
  • Middle Name - The middle name of the vendor.
  • Email - The email address of the vendor.
  • Phone - The phone number of the vendor.
  • Subsidiary - Select the subsidiary with which you want the vendor to be associated.
  • Currency - The currency you want to bill the customer in.



  • Company Name - The name of the vendor's company.
  • Is vendor inactive - Set to true if the vendor is inactive.
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