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Steps to roll-out TemplateOne


This page describes the necessary steps to roll out a customized version of TemplateOne to end-users. It starts with the input data and covers all the steps that are needed to provide the data in a meaningful way to end-users.

From data to dashboard


Input data

Loading data into TemplateOne

Data visualization

Step 1: Create a new app and use the latest version of the app or discovery accelerator as the base app.
Step 2: Make the desired changes, such as creating new dashboards and charts, to customize TemplateOne to your needs. See App and Discovery accelerator development.
Step 3: Set the build version - Setting a version number
Step 4: Commit your changes.
Step 5: Create a release.



If you did not make any changes to TemplateOne, it is not needed to create a new release.

Steps to roll out TemplateOne

Step 6: Generate a cache with the created release.
Step 7: Deploy the release to make the changes available to end-users.

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Steps to roll-out TemplateOne

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