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From Data to Dashboard - Standalone 2021.10
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Process Mining
Last updated Sep 21, 2023

From Data to Dashboard


This page describes the necessary steps to roll out a customized version of app or discovery accelerator to end-users. It starts with the input data and covers all the steps that are needed to provide the data in a meaningful way to end-users.

From Data to Dashboard

Steps in the Connector

The steps below refer to the Basic Connector, but you can do this in the same way for the SAP Connectors.

Step 5: Export the output dataset from the connector - Exporting the output data set.

Note: If you did not make any changes to the dataset, it is not needed to export the dataset.

Steps in the App or Discovery Accelerator

Step 2: Make the desired changes, see App and Discovery accelerator development.

Step 3: Set the build version - Setting a version number.

Note: If you did not make any changes to the app or discovery accelerator, it is not needed to create a new release.

Steps to Roll Out the App or Discovery Accelerator With the New Dataset

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