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Last updated Jun 25, 2024

Roles in the Order-to-Cash process

Below is an overview of the key roles defined for the Order-to-Cash process.

Sales Representative/Order Fulfillment Specialist

A Sales Representative manages the order fulfillment process including order entry, administration and shipping; A Sales Representative needs to oversee the complete order tracking process and should ensure that:

  • orders are processed in accordance with organization customer service standards;
  • adequate inventory levels are maintained to maximize customer satisfaction and minimize costs.

Shipping Specialist/Warehouse Manager

Shipping Specialists are responsible for keeping records of all products shipped and received in a company. Shipping Specialists usually:

  • document and process the order shipment;
  • work with the transportation department;
  • ensure timely inbound and outbound deliveries.

Credit Controller

A Credit Controller is responsible for recovering any unpaid money that is owed to an organization from either businesses or individuals.

A Credit Controller usually:

  • Maintains customers credit and approves or denies applications based on company requirements
  • Ensures that customers pay on time
  • Negotiates payment plans
  • Improves and implements the debt collection process, if there are many overdue invoices.

Billing Administrator

A Billing Administrator is responsible for creating invoices and credit memos, dealing with customers, send them invoices and answer any incoming questions.

A Billing Administrator:

  • issues billing documents to customers by any means;
  • collects and sorts all invoices, credits, bills and order statements;
  • records invoices into the accounting system.

Accounts Receivable Accountant

An Accounts Receivable Accountant ensures the receiving payments for goods and services, records these transaction accordingly, verifying and postings the receipts, resolving any discrepancies.

An Accounts Receivable Accountant is responsible for:

  • processing accounting receivables and incoming payments in compliance with financial policies and procedures;
  • performing day to day financial transactions;
  • contacting clients to ensure payments for outstanding invoices;
  • reconciliation of payments and invoices;
  • investigating and resolving any irregularities or inquiries.

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