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Generating Translation Files - Standalone 2021.10
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Last updated Sep 21, 2023

Generating Translation Files


When all the visible texts are marked for translation, you can generate the application files for the translator. The Generate translation files… option in the menu on the Superadmin Workspaces tab generates a translation JSON file for each supported language that you have defined in the supportedLocales setting in the ApplicationSettings.json file. The translation files will contain all keys that require translation.

Translation Files

In the resources/locales/ folder in your workspace a JSON file is generated for each supported locale.

Non Built-in Translations

Built-in translations are distributed with a new version of UiPath Process Mining. If your list of supported locales in the supportedLocales setting includes locales for which UiPath Process Mining does not offer a built-in translation, a folder resources/locales/software/ will also be generated which contains JSON files for all software translations you must provide yourself.

Note: A template translation template.json is provided for English, which provides example translations.

Generate Translation Files

Follow these steps to generate the translation files.




Go to the Superadmin Workspaces tab of you UiPath Process Mining developer environment.


Click on the menu icon at the top left corner and select Generate translation files.

See illustration below.

Note: The non-software translations are specific to each application (and application version).
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