Process Mining
Menu Conformance - Standalone 2021.10
Process Mining
Last updated Sep 21, 2023

Menu Conformance


The dashboards of the Conformance menu contain information that will help determine whether the process complies with specified requirements or standards.

The menu Conformance has the following dashboards:

  1. Conformance - Tags: the dashboard that can be used to analyze the tags that occur and the related cases.
  2. Conformance - Scores: the dashboard that can be used to analyze Tag scores.
  3. Conformance - Four eyes: the dashboard that can be used to to see whether there are cases that have four eyes violations.
  4. Conformance - Reference model: the dashboard that can be used to see to what extend the process conforms to the reference model and to analyze the number of cases that conform to the ideal process.
  5. Conformance - Root cause analysis: the dashboard that you can use to analyze the impact of tags on events.
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