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Releasing a SQL Connector - Standalone 2021.10
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Last updated Sep 21, 2023

Releasing a SQL Connector


Once the new version of the SQL connector is ready for production, it can be marked as a release in Git. Then the connector can be moved to production. This page describes how to release a SQL connector from a development environment to a production environment.


It is assumed that the standard setup is used, as described in Separate development and production environments.

Update Extractor

If any changes were made to the data extraction, you must first update the extractor on the production environment.

When you are using CData Sync, this means that you must update the CData Sync job of the SQL connector.

Note: It is advised to make a copy of the current job, to allow for easy rollback if needed.

The connection used for the extraction must point to the production source system.

Update Connector Contents

The released connector content can be checked out on the production environment.

The config.json file in the scripts\ directory points to the job name on the production server. It should be overwritten when updating the connector contents. This happens automatically when GitHub is used because the file is ignored by Git.

The profiles.yml file contains connection information that should be different for the production environment. Make sure your profiles.yml is located outside of the connector directory.

Running the New Connector

The next time the connector is run, the new data extraction and transformation are used to generate data.

Running a SQL connector on how to run a SQL connector manually.

It is also possible to set up a scheduled task for data extraction. See Scheduling data extraction for more information.

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