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Checking the Data in the SAP Connector - Standalone 2021.10
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Last updated Sep 21, 2023

Checking the Data in the SAP Connector


Before you export the output data set to use it in AppOne or a Discovery Accelerator it is advised that you check if the data from the input data files is properly connected in the SAP Connector. The SAP Connector contains pre-defined dashboards to validate the data.

Data Validation Menu

Connecting your database ends with validating if all necessary data is available and in the right format. The Data validation menu contains dashboards that validate if all necessary data is available and in the right format.

Data Validation - Invariants Dashboard

The Data validation - Invariants dashboard provides multiple checks. See the illustration below for an example.

In case a check fails, the invariant is marked in bold and black letters. In case no input data is available, the result will be -, otherwise the result is false. To check what the issue is, search the name of the issue in the table list on the left of the HTML panel. Each invariant may contain one or more checks. You can open the corresponding invariant to check why a check fails.

Input checks

Input checks check all key field attributes for the following properties:

  • The field contains values;
  • The field does not contain NULL values;
  • The field has a specified length (where possible).

Other Validation Dashboards

Next to the Invariants dashboard, the dashboards are available to analyze the different sub-processes.

These dashboards contain information on the number of records loaded from the different tables. This enables you to check the number of records. Furthermore, the number of headers and items that are excluded are reported.

Output Menu

The Output menu in the SAP Connectors for AppOne contains dashboards to check the output data for use in AppOne.

The numbers on the top right in the Cases output and Events output tabs show how many cases and events there are in the input and output.

You can also use the Process graph dashboard to check if the data is properly connected.

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