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Last updated Apr 2, 2024

Configuring ADFS


This page describes how to configure ADFS to recognize a UiPath Process Mining instance.

Note: For a detailed description on how to Create a Relying Trust, visit the official Microsoft Documentation Active Directory Federation Services documentation.

Follow these steps to configure ADFS.




Open ADFS Management and go to Relying Party Trusts.


Add a new relying party trust for Process Mining.

• In the Configure Identifiers step add https://[SERVERNAME]/auth/signin-saml/ as a Relying party identifier.

• On the Endpoints tab in the Ready to Add Trust window add an endpoint using the following settings:

  • Endpoint type: SAML Assertion Consumer
  • Binding: POST
  • Trusted URL: https://[SERVERNAME]/auth/signin-saml/


Edit the Claim Issuance Policy and create a Send LDAP Attributes as Claims rule.

Configure the following settings:

objectGuid: objectGuid
Is-Member-Of-DL: Group
Display-Name: Name
E-Mail-Addresses: E-Mail Address


Edit the Claim Issuance Policy and create a Transform an Incoming Claim rule.

Configure the following settings:

Incoming claim type: objectGuid
Outgoing claim type: Name ID
Outgoing name ID format: Persistent Identifier
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