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Procurement - Root Cause Analysis - Standalone 2021.10
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Last updated Sep 21, 2023

Procurement - Root Cause Analysis


The Procurement – Root cause analysis dashboard supports you to determine the specific root causes of deviations from the desired process.

What Is Root Cause Analysis?

Root cause analysis can be used to analyze the behavior of purchase order items, in particular unwanted behavior.

In the Procurement – Root cause analysis dashboard you can compare the occurrence of purchase order items with a certain behavior relative to a reference set of purchase order items. The set of Reference purchase order items contains all purchase order items that were created within the period specified by the period filter. Within this set of purchase order items, you can select the behavior that you want to analyze. For example, purchase order items with a certain tag. This selection is called the Selected PO items.

Procurement - Root Cause Analysis Dashboard

The Procurement - Root cause analysis dashboard enables you to compare a set of purchase order items selected by using a specific filter setting with the reference set of purchase order items that is defined by the PO creation date filter. For the attribute selected in the dashboard, a comparison of the absolute and relative frequency of the attribute value within the selected purchase order items and the reference purchase order items is displayed.


The Influence is the deviation from the Reference %. The Reference % is calculated as the percentage of Selected PO items in the Reference PO items. A large deviation from the Reference % indicates a possible high influence on the selection.

Note: It is possible to select multiple attributes for the root cause analysis. See also Working with Charts.

Performing Root Cause Analysis

To perform a root cause analysis first define what you want to analyze. Then add user filters to define the Selected PO items for the analysis.

Display Detail Information

Follow this step to display detail information on the root cause analysis.




Click on the Information icon in the upper-right corner of the Analysis - Root cause analysis dashboard.

A popup window is displayed containing detailed information on the data displayed in the Procurement - Root cause analysis dashboard. See the illustration below.

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