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Scheduling Data Extraction - Standalone 2021.10
Process Mining
Last updated Sep 21, 2023

Scheduling Data Extraction


This page describes how to schedule data extraction when running a SQL connector


The development tools described in Setting up a local test environment should be installed before continuing.

The connector should be set up as described in Setting up a SQL connector.

Schedule a Task for the Extraction

To schedule the data extraction at regular intervals:

  • Use Windows Task Scheduler to schedule a task that calls run.ps1 located in the scripts/ directory of a connector.
  • Set the desired scheduling parameters, to run the script at the desired moments.

    Note: The user that is used to execute the scripts, must have permissions to access the connector folder and the Process Mining installation directory. Moreover, the user must be able to access the source system and the staging database.
  • Introduction
  • Prerequisites
  • Schedule a Task for the Extraction
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