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Last updated Jun 25, 2024


No Data Is Showing in AppOne While It Looks Fine in the Connector


AppOne was not opened with a (correct) dataset, or the mandatory attributes were named differently in the connector.


First, check if AppOne is opened with a dataset. It this does not solve the issue, check if the mandatory attributes are filled in AppOne. If not, check if there is a Name in datasource which seems quite similar.

Data Seems to Be Missing in AppOne


In the properties of the period filter, the option No dates after now… is enabled which filters out cases and events that happen after the Now defined in the dataset.


Disable the “No dates after now…” option in the properties of period filters. See illustration below.

Attribute Is Not Empty but Shows Only NULL When Used


When an attribute is not empty but when used only shows NULL it is filtered out at some point.


There are several filters which are enabled by default on different dashboards. Check whether are any active filters.

A less obvious filter is the Visible filter from an attribute. This filter can be found in the ADVANCED... menu of the attribute properties in the Advanced tab. See illustration below.

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