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Collaborative development


When working in a team on a single app version control is important. This guide contains an introduction to version control within UiPath Process Mining.


A repository is an optimized storage location for apps. Repositories can be located within your installation, on a folder location on the same server as the UiPath Process Mining installation, or on a different (external) server.


A branch is the permanent shared storage for all the files that belong to an app.

A branch contains the latest version of an app as well as the complete history of all changes committed. A branch can also be defined as a list of all revisions that belong together.

See the illustration below.


A branch contains one or more workspaces. A workspace is a personal copy of a revision from a branch. When you create a new app, the files of the latest revision of a branch are loaded.

In the workspace, you can make changes in preparation for committing them to a branch. After committing your workspace will have no more local modifications.

Note: The workspace is not stored in the repository.


A release is a named reference to a specific revision in a branch. It contains all the files in that revision. Releases are stored in your repository, like branches.

See the illustration below.


A revision is created when you commit your changes. A revision refers to a specific version of all files that together define an app. The app can contain an application file, but also other files such as a settings file, images, help files, and so on. Revisions are saved to a branch and numbered starting at 1 when a branch is created.

See the illustration below.

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  • Repository
  • Branch
  • Workspaces
  • Releases
  • Revision

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