Process Mining
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Process Mining
Last updated Apr 2, 2024

Analysis - Compare


The Analysis – Compare dashboard can be used to compare two process graphs side by side. This allows you to compare two sets of paths from your process. For example, you compare how small invoices processes, compared to larger invoices, and how you can optimize the process.

You can select the attribute you want to use for the comparison from the Compare attribute selector.

See the illustration below.

Note: You can use the Detail slider to change the number of activities and/or edges shown.

Viewing the process based on a different metric

By default, the process graph displays the process based on the number of cases.

Follow these steps to select a different metric for the process graph.




Click on theDisplayed metrics icon in the process graph.


Select a different metric from the list of available metrics.

See the illustration below for an example.

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  • Viewing the process based on a different metric

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