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Efficiency - Customers - Standalone 2021.10
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Last updated Sep 21, 2023

Efficiency - Customers


Efficiency - Customers is the dashboard where you can analyze the customers involved in the Order-to-Cash process. It displays detailed information on the late delivery rates, the total values per customer, and the number of unique customers per category. See the illustration below.


Below is a description of the KPIs that are displayed at the top of the Efficiency - Customers dashboard.




The number of customers that were involved in sales order items within the selected period.

Late delivery rate

The percentage of sales order items of which at least a part was expected to be delivered after the requested delivery date within the selected period.

Note: If you click on the Late delivery rate KPI a filter is automatically created and added in the Filters panel.

Sales orders

The total number of sales orders in the selected period.

SO items

The total number of sales order items in the selected period.

Note: If you click on the SO items KPI, the Number of items metric is displayed in the *Sales order items dashboard item.

Total value

Total value of the sales order items during the selected period.

Note: If you click on the Total item value KPI, the Total item value metric is displayed in the What is the total value? dashboard item.
Note: The Late delivery rate filter is only applied when there is at least one sales order item with the respective filter.


You can create various different contexts by selecting different attributes from the drop-down list. It is also possible to add more columns by selecting multiple attributes.


Below is a description of the metrics.



Number of items

The number of unique sales order items.

Avg. item value

The average sales order item value for the selected attribute.

Total item value

The sum of the sales order item values for the selected attribute.

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