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Adding Automation Estimates - Standalone 2021.10
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Last updated Sep 21, 2023

Adding Automation Estimates


The Overview - Automation dashboard in AppOne enables business users to determine which manual events are possible candidates for automation. It displays, for example, information about the costs involved in the execution of an event which indicates the benefit of automating the event. See the illustration below.


Event costs are the costs for executing the event.

Event processing time is defined as the amount of time actually spent working for the event.

Event costs can be calculated from your dataset. However, if the information is not present in your source system it is also possible to upload an Automation estimates.csv file that contains information that is used to calculate automation estimates, for example the labor costs of an event.


Automation estimates are either derived from your input data or calculated from data in the Automation estimates.csv file.

If the Automation estimates.csv file contains the event cost or the event processing time for at least one activity, this data is used to calculate the automation estimates. If the file does not contain event cost or processing time data for all the activities, a warning message will be displayed.

Below is a description on how to provide input data for automation estimates.

Defining Automation Estimates

Create an Automation estimates.csv file and upload it to your workspace. It should only contain the headers Activity,Event cost, and Event processing time (hh:nn:ss). See the illustration below.

Edit the Automation estimates.csv file and add activities with the related event cost and processing times. See the illustration below for an example.

When you have added the automation estimates you can reload the Automation_estimates_input table to see if the automation estimates are visible in the connector. See the illustration below.

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