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For the different entities in the SAP Connector for Purchase-to-Pay Discovery Accelerator several activities have been defined for the Purchase-to-Pay process. Below is an overview of the activities that are available in the SAP Connector for Purchase-to-Pay Discovery Accelerator.

Purchase requisition activities

  • Create purchase requisition
  • Approve purchase requisition level
  • Revoke approved purchase acquisition level
  • Delete purchase requisition
  • Restore purchase requisition
  • Reject purchase requisition

Purchase order activities

  • Create purchase order
  • Set purchase order block
  • Remove purchase order block
  • Delete purchase order
  • Restore purchase order
  • Reject purchase order
  • Approve purchase order level
  • Revoke approved purchase order level
  • Create purchase order item
  • Set purchase order item block
  • Remove purchase order item block
  • Delete purchase order item
  • Restore purchase order item
  • Change purchase order item value
  • Reject purchase order item by supplier

Goods movement activities

  • Post goods receipt

Invoice activities

  • Set invoice item payment block
  • Remove invoice item payment block
  • Create Invoice item
  • Change Invoice item price
  • Change Invoice item document date
  • Change Invoice posting date
  • Change Invoice item quantity
  • Create Invoice

Accounting activities

  • Create accounting document
  • Set payment block
  • Remove payment block
  • Change payment terms
  • Change payment due date
  • Change payment assignment
  • Change payment bank data
  • Cancel payment
  • Create incoming payment
  • Create outgoing payment

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