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Last updated Apr 2, 2024

LDAP for Superadmin Users


There are two ways of giving Superadmin users access to the UiPath Process Mining platform:

  • Defining users in the Superadmin users tab of the Superadmin page.
  • Setting up LDAP (AD).

This page describes how to set up LDAP to give Superadmin users access. For Superadmin users one or more AD groups can be assigned. Only users within the groups have access to the UiPath Process Mining platform.

LDAP can be set up in the Superadmin users tab and the Settings tab of the Superadmin page.

Integrated Authentication is not available in UiPath Process Mining which means that users do not have single sign-on and must enter their username and password when accessing the platform.

For setting up LDAP for Superadmin users, an account with read-only access to the AD is needed. This account is used to query user groups for users that are allowed to log in.

Setting up AD Authentication

Below is a description the steps to setup the AD authentication. After this setup, users can log in to the UiPath Process Mining platform using their AD account.

Step 1. Log in Using a Non-AD User

First log in to the Superadmin page using a non-AD user account. This can be the account used by the server administrator during setup of the UiPath Process Mining Server, for example the sa account.

Step 2. Configure LDAP Settings

Go to the Settings tab of the Superadmin page of your UiPath Process Mining installation and add the required LDAP settings in the ldap setting of the Server Settings.

See Set up LDAP - Configure LDAP settings.

Step 3. Add AD User Groups

Follow these steps to add an AD user group.




Go to the Superadmin users tab of the Superadmin page.


Click on the menu icon and select Add user… to add a new Superadmin user.


Enter the AD group of users that are allowed to login in in the Name field. This looks like "CN=All Users,OU=Distribution Groups,DC=Company,DC=com".


Leave the Password field empty.


Enter the allowed IP range for these users in the IP field. The range is setup using a regular expression. Use .* to allow all IP addresses.


Select the User is AD group checkbox.


Click on ADD USER.

Important: AD groups are case-sensitive.

The user group is now shown in the Superadmin users list. All users in these groups will have access to the UiPath Process Mining platform.

Multiple AD groups can be added in the same way.

Step 4. Log in Using an AD User

Log off the current user. Now, you can log in again, using a user that is in one of the AD groups that is setup.

If your users can not log in, you can use the ldp.exe tool on Windows Server to debug the settings you used.

Also ensure that the Superadmin users which are manually created, do not have the same login name as the login name in the AD.

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