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Last updated Apr 2, 2024

Internet Connections


The internet speed can influence performance. With a slow internet connection, general responsiveness is affected mostly. It is recommended to have a 100 Mbit connection for the server and 10-20 Mbit for developers and end-users.

Server Time

Usually, most of the response time is made up of dashboard calculation time at the server. This is independent of your internet speed.


Each dashboard reload takes about 2-3 request cycles, so loading a dashboard takes 2.5 latency extra. For example, with a ping of 100ms, each dashboard takes ~250ms extra.

  • Geographic location: ensure you have close proximity to the server
  • VPN


When loading an app for the first time, we send about 7MB of data once. When reloading a dashboard pictures and meta-data are sent. This can be as little as 15KB, but with larger dashboards and datasets this can be multiple MBs of data.

For example, if your bandwidth is 10Mb/s, then loading takes 5-6 seconds extra the first time. If your dashboard sends about 2MB of data, it takes 1.6 seconds extra per dashboard reload.

Note: Bandwidth is usually in Mb/s (Megabit/s), so divide by 8 to find the MB/s (Megabyte/s).


Server Diagnostics

Follow these steps to start the Server diagnostics.




Go to the Superadmin Status tab.


Click on the menu icon in the top-left and select Run server diagnostic….

Information and benchmarks of how your platform is performing are displayed.

Please consult your UiPath Process Mining contact if you need assistance on resolving issues from the Server diagnostics.

Check Impact of Latency

Google Chrome Developer Tools enable you to mimic certain speeds. You can use this to simulate the ping/latency of the customer and test what is impacted by

  • Introduction
  • Server Time
  • Latency
  • Bandwidth
  • Analysis
  • Server Diagnostics
  • Check Impact of Latency

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