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2021.10.2 - Standalone 2021.10
Process Mining
Last updated Sep 21, 2023


Release date: June 1st, 2022

This page provides more information about the newly released functionality, improvements, and bug fixes in UiPath Process Mining 2021.10.2.


Support for UiPath Process Mining 2021.10 is extended by 6 months until April 2025.

See also Product lifecycle.


Option to add a non-production banners for non-production licenses

The new Server Setting UseNonProductionBanner can be used to add a banner next to the page title to indicate when a non-production license is in effect. This can be used for development or acceptance setups, to separate them from the production environment. See the illustration below for an example.

Option to export to CSV for smaller exports

When exporting a table or graph, it is now possible to select either Excel or CSV as the output format for data. The Excel option is only enabled for smaller data selections.

Dates printed in Excel or CSV exports

The export date (the date when the file was actually exported) and the dataset creation date are now printed in Excel and CSV exports.


  • Next to targetId, userName is now added to the simplify Active Directory audit logs.
  • A new table option is now available that enables to change the way filters behave in specific cases.
  • File encoding now also works for mvscript: Multifile connections. Either UTF8 (default) or LATIN-1 encoding is used in the files.


  • The new Server Setting ShowExportApplicationStructure can be enabled only for use cases that require a full Application structure export. In this case, the Application structure option is added to the chart Export menu.

Fixed Bugs

  • In some cases, an app with no visible dashboards could not be opened. This is now fixed.
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