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Last updated Apr 2, 2024

Loading data via an ODBC connection

Note: The information in this guide applies to the SAP Purchase-to-Pay Connector for AppOne and SAP Order-to-Cash Connector for AppOne.


When you want to use the SAP Connector with data loaded via an ODBC connection you must configure this in the SAP Connector.

Configure the SAP Connector for loading data via an ODBC connection

In order to load data correctly you must specify the following settings in the SAP Connector.

SAP Setting


ODBC Username

The username of the ODBC account.

ODBC Password

Either enter:

  • the password identifier from the credential store that contains the password of the ODBC account,


  • the password of the ODBC account in plain text.

Follow these steps to set the enter the settings for the SAP Connection in the SAP Connector.




Make sure the input type is set to use an ODBC connection. See Loading data.


Open the SAP Connector in your development environment.


Go to the Data tab and select the Connector_settings table.


Edit the expressions in the ODBC Settings folder to enter the correct values.

See the illustration below.

Note: The provided settings are used by the ODBC Connection string expression.

Using a Credential store for password storage

A Credential store allows you to use passwords without showing the actual password. For the ODBC connection from the SAP Connector to the SAP database it is also possible to use a Credential store to store the actual password of the SAP account in a secured way.

Note: By default, a password identifier from the Credential store is configured in the SAP Connector. If you do not use a Credential store you must adapt the SAP Connection string expression accordingly. See the illustration below.

  • Introduction
  • Configure the SAP Connector for loading data via an ODBC connection
  • Using a Credential store for password storage

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