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Last updated Jun 25, 2024

Configuring the activity code


Several activities in the Purchase-to-Pay Discovery Accelerator are used to calculate metrics or tags. If the Activity code attribute is defined in your input data, the activity code is used for these calculations instead of the attribute name.
If your source system uses a different name for a certain activity, the Activity code can be used to map your activity to the appropriate activity in Purchase-to-Pay Discovery Accelerator to make sure that the correct activities are used for calculations. The Activity code attribute also enables you to display the name of the attribute in your local language. In this case, you replace the attribute name with the localized name.

Activity code attribute

Activity code is an optional attribute in the Events_base table of the Purchase-to-Pay Discovery Accelerator input data. See Input Tables of Purchase-to-Pay Discovery Accelerator 2021.10.

Configuring the activity code

If you define the Activity code attribute as an input attribute, you can configure the attribute description in the SAP Connector for Purchase-to-Pay Discovery Accelerator.
Follow these steps to configure the Activity code in the SAP Connector for Purchase-to-Pay Discovery Accelerator.




Open the SAP Connector for Purchase-to-Pay Discovery Accelerator in your development environment.


Go to the Data tab.


Click on the Events_base table in the folder 4. Output - Events.


Double-click on Activity code expression in the table item list.


Locate the Activity for which you want to change the name. Hold down the CTRL key and click.


Edit the expression and replace the name of the attribute as desired.


Click on OK. (2x)

See the illustration below.

Note: It is possible to map multiple activities to the same code, but make sure this results in expected behavior for the tags and metrics where this code is used.
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