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Process Mining
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Below is an overview of the different types of entities that are defined in the SAP Order-to-Cash Connector for AppOne.

Process Entities

The following entities in the Order-to-Cash process are defined in the SAP Order-to-Cash Connector:

  • Sales order item
  • Sales order schedule line
  • Down payment request item
  • Down payment request cancellation
  • Delivery item
  • Invoice item
  • Invoice cancellation
  • Credit memo request item
  • Credit memo item
  • Credit memo cancellation
  • Return order item
  • Return delivery item
  • Accounting document
  • Payment

Master Data Entities

Master data entitities contain static information such as names and descriptions to provide additional information on the process entities. The following master data entities are defined in the SAP Order-to-Cash Connector for AppOne:


  • User name
  • User address
  • User type


  • Customer


  • Material
  • Material group

Organizational structure

  • Company
  • Shipping point
  • Storage location
  • Plant
  • Distribution channel
  • Division
  • Sales organization
  • Sales office
  • Sales group

Sales document

  • Sales document item category
  • Sales order type
  • Delivery type

Block/cancellation reason

  • Delivery block reason
  • Billing block reason
  • Payment block reason
  • Reject sales document reason
  • Billing cancellation reason


  • Currency exchange rate
  • Currency conversion factor
  • Currency decimal places

Change Log

Change logs describe changes that happen on the process entities.

  • Introduction
  • Process Entities
  • Master Data Entities
  • Change Log

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