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Distribution Charts - Standalone 2021.10
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Last updated Sep 21, 2023

Distribution Charts


Distribution charts can be used to show the distribution of values of a numerical attribute.

Adding Data to a Distribution Chart

In a distribution chart you select the that attribute for which you want to display values on the X-axis. The Y-axis is used to display the variable values defined by a metric. By default the metric displayed on the Y-axis is the record count. If you want to display a different value, you must create a metric to calculate the value and use the metric on the Y-axis by selecting it from the Metric drop-down list.

Follow these steps to add data to a distribution chart.




Click on the chart to select it and go to the Chart tab.


Click on none next to X-axis and select an attribute from the table item list.

Note: The attribute must be be a number, a currency or a date, it cannot be a text value.


Create a new metric in the table item list.


Click on none next to Metric and select a metric from the drop-down item list.

Note: The Metric drop-down list only displays metrics and selectors that are defined in the table.

See illustration below for an example distribution chart.

Splitting the Chart

You can split the data on the distribution chart by adding columns and rows. Select an attribute from the Column drop-down list in the Grid panel to split up the data by the selected attribute and display the information in different distribution charts. You can add an additional dimension by selecting an attribute from the Row drop-down list to split the graph vertically in different rows.

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