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Introduction to Basic Connector - Standalone 2021.10
Process Mining
Last updated Sep 21, 2023

Introduction to Basic Connector


Many companies use Business Information Systems to collect, process, store and distribute information, such as ERP, CRM, BPM, several databases and other tools.

This results in large amounts of data stored in your organization on who did what and when. Process mining makes it possible to use this big data to gain insights in unexpected business processes and find inefficiencies. AppOne is an app that contains dashboards for analyzing and monitoring a typical process. Using AppOne is an easy and fast way to start getting a better understanding of your process.

A dataset with case and event data of the process in needed to load this information in AppOne. In many cases the raw data is not directly in the format required for AppOne. The data needs to be transformed into an event log.

The Basic Connector can be used as template for for adding business logic and transformation of data. Following the structure of the Basic Connector ensures that the created event log fits the format required by AppOne.

In this way, the data can be loaded from the Basic Connector into AppOne and you are immediately able to see the data visualized.

See the illustration below.

BasicConnector Types

The BasicConnector-SingleFile and the BasicConnector-TwoFiles are connectors provided by UiPath Process Mining. To use the BasicConnector, your input data needs to meet a defined format.

If your data for cases and events is available in one input file, you use the BasicConnector-SingleFile. If your data for cases and events is split up into two different input files, you use the BasicConnector-TwoFiles.

Structure of the Basic Connector

The image below displays the structure of the Basic Connector-TwoFiles.

Input tables

Input tables are used to load data and clean the data.

Preprocessing tables

Preprocessing tables are used to enhance the data and add business value.

Base tables

Base tables contain the final data that will be exported and loaded into AppOne.

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