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Server Configuration


Configuring a new installation of UiPath Process Mining consists of the following parts:

  • Adapting relevant server settings;
  • Using ODBC connections;
  • Finalizing the setup.

This guide will cover both some of the settings of UiPath Process Mining itself and adding/using 3rd party dependencies.

Server settings

By default, the server is configured as strict as possible. In this section we will cover some of the settings which are relevant to the server administrator. It is recommended to use these settings, or at least consider them on a server admin level.

The table below describes the settings are of importance for a new installation of UiPath Process Mining:

Server SettingDescription
AllowHTTPForBy default, UiPath Process Mining is set to only use HTTPS. However, while setting up domain names, it might be necessary for your users to connect over HTTP. With this setting, you can define an IP-address range from which users can connect over HTTP.
MailSettingsThis setting needs to be set for UiPath Process Mining to be able to send e-mail in certain cases. For instance, to send invitation or reset password e-mails to new users, or to send error reports.
SessionTimeoutThe default timeout for end users is 20 minutes. If you expect your end users to have more idle time, you can increase the timeout with this setting.
SendMailReportToUiPath Process Mining will send e-mail to this address after generating data caches. By default, it will also send mails on successful cache generations.

Follow these steps to make changes to the Server Settings.

1Go to the Superadmin Settings tab.
2In the Server Settings field, you can make changes to the server configuration. These
settings are noted in JSON. Press the help button for more information on the settings.
3Press CTRL+S to save the changes and reload the page to apply them.

See also The Superadmin Page: The Settings Tab.

The changes you have made are applied, your users will notice them on their next session.
Server Settings are global settings. This means that all builds on an installation of UiPath Process Mining use the same server settings, regardless of their version.



If you install a new build of the UiPath Process Mining, and use that as the Superadmin build, current application releases will not automatically use the new build.

If new functionality is introduced in the new build, and configured in the Superadmin Server Settings, it will not be available for application releases still using older builds. To be able to use the new functionality, the application must be released and deployed with the new build.

It is recommended that you update your application releases with each new UiPath Process Mining release.

ODBC connections

UiPath Process Mining supports database access by ODBC. Depending on the database the developers need to connect to, the correct drivers need to be installed. UiPath Process Mining is only available in 64-bit and this requires the ODBC drivers to also be in 64-bit.

Developers can use these drivers by either filling out the complete details in a connection string, or you can setup a DSN. The latter is recommended either way, at least to test if you can connect to the database.

Once the required ODBC drivers are installed on the server, the developers can use them in their connection strings. When creating connection strings in UiPath Process Mining, the help contains examples with connection string for the most used ODBC drivers.

Finalizing the UiPath Process Mining installation

The installation is almost done. There are some things to consider before UiPath Process Mining is ready to use:

  • UiPath Process Mining is only accessible on the server itself, or on the local network depending on the firewall configuration. It is recommended to create a URL to access UiPath Process Mining at, and to change the binding in IIS. It is recommended to make an HTTPS binding.

  • It is recommended that users access UiPath Process Mining using Google Chrome. Furthermore, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox are also supported. For all browsers, it is assumed that they are updated regularly.

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Server Configuration

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