UiPath Process Mining

The UiPath Process Mining Guide

Hardware and Software Requirements

Production and Development Environments

UiPath Process Mining is a 64-bit program and requires a 64-bit environment.

Server OS

For production systems the following operating systems are supported:

SoftwareCompatible Versions
Windows Server2019
2012 R2

It is recommended to use a clean installation of Windows Server, and to update Windows Server regularly to ensure that you have the latest versions of important components.



For a new installation, it is recommended to use Windows Server 2019.

Web browser

A web browser must be installed on the UiPath Process Mining server. See Client systems below for the supported versions.

Web Servers

SoftwareCompatible Versions
IIS Modules - URL Rewrite2.1+
IIS Node(Custom version)



The IIS Modules - URL Rewrite and the IIS Node installer packages are available in the install folder of the UiPath Process Mining build package (.zip file).

System Resources

Server Configuration

The actual needed resources depend on the amount of data and the number of concurrent users. Below is an overview of combinations of specifications or server configurations that are commonly used. It is recommended to start with the Large configuration and scale up or down as needed. For demo machines, smaller machines can be suitable.

SizeCPU (cores)*RAM (GB)Storage (GB)**

*For CPUs, strong single core performance is recommended.
**For storage, high read speed is recommended.

Minimum System Requirements

In general, the Small Server Configuration is required as a minimum. Below is an overview of the minimum system requirements:

ComponentMinimal sizeDescription
CPU4 coresCPU usage depends on the number of concurrent users. A minimum of four cores is recommended.
Memory32 GBThe memory usage depends on the amount of data per application and the number of concurrent users.
StoragevariableThe disk needs to be large enough for the operating system, UiPath Process Mining, the data, and cache files. UiPath Process Mining uses less than 1GB.

Concurrent users

When possible, memory is shared between users. Therefore, the required memory is mostly dependent on the amount of data and not the number of users.

CPU time is not shared between users, 1 core per 5 concurrent end-users, and about 1 core per 1 concurrent developer user is recommended.

Client Systems

Screen Size and Resolution

For end-users, the minimum supported resolution is 1366x768, but 1920x1080 is recommended.

For application developers, the minimum supported resolution is 1920x1080, but higher is recommended. For an optimal experience, it is recommended to set the scaling to 100% in the display settings, as well as the browser zoom.


Note that UiPath Process Mining is constrained to a single browser window.

Web browsers



Internet Explorer 11 is not supported for UiPath Process Mining versions later than v2020.6.

For application developers, superadmin users and end-users, UiPath Process Mining is accessible from web browsers. The following web browsers are supported:

SoftwareCompatible Versions
ChromeLast two versions
Microsoft EdgeLast two versions
FirefoxLast two versions

Although all above web browsers are supported for the last two versions, it is highly recommended to update to the latest version of the web browser.



  • JavaScript must be enabled in the web browser.
  • Popups and New Windows must be enabled in the web browser settings.

External Services

Credential Store

A credential store provides a way to use passwords without exposing these to developers.



The below item is not required for use of UiPath Process Mining, but is an optional integration.

The following software is supported for setting up a credential store.

Azure Key Vault

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Hardware and Software Requirements

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