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Menu Details


The dashboards of the Details menu contain the attribute details of all cases, events, due dates and detailed information related to one specific case.

The menu Details has the following dashboards:

  1. Details - Cases: displays detailed information on the case level.
  2. Details - Events: displays detailed information on the event level.
  3. Details - Tags: displays detailed information on tags and their attributes.
  4. Details - Due dates: displays detailed information related to due dates.
  5. Details - Case overview: displays the details of one selected case.

Details Button

In each dashboard of all other menus, the Details icon is available. This button can be used to zoom directly into the information of the related Details dashboards.

Details Page Navigation

When using large amounts of data, the Details dashboards are paginated. Each Details page shows a maximum of 250.000 rows. If you have multiple Details pages, navigation options are displayed on top of the page. See illustration below.

  • Introduction
  • Details Button
  • Details Page Navigation

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